Dubs, You’ve Got Mail! Here’s The Guide to The Best Rom-Coms This Valentine’s Day


Mary Dewberry

Love is in the Air and on the Big Screen: Sophomores Parker Braswell and Adeline Briggs gossip about their favorite V-day flicks.

Ah, the celebration of love. Valentine’s Day means we spend quality time with the ones we love most, eat all the chocolate we want, and listen to cheesy love songs. With our digital-focused society, however, the tradition we take part in most is watching the most lovey-dovey of rom-coms. On social media, the debate concerning the best V-day flicks has been going on for weeks before the season of love. Here is a rundown of some of the favorites — old and new.


Valentine’s Day

Based on the title itself, this movie will satisfy any love-filled movie craving. This 2010 semi-flop may not be the best movie ever, but it’s a hidden gem with its witty humor and star-studded cast. The Taylor Swift cameos alone are sure to make the movie even more of a perfect love story. It follows different couples and singles as they navigate their way through the holiday, whether they’re happy about it or not. The movie is awkward, just like real life, and the cameos really are that good. This is the movie for those looking to see their favorite stars. 


How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

This 2003 classic is perfect for journalism lovers (hello, Wire readers). It follows twenty-something Andie Anderson, a resident how-to girl for her job at a magazine. Her newest article falls under the same name as the title, and Andie has to get rid of some poor guy in ten days or less. Enter Ben Barry (fellow journalist), who has concurrently been tasked with making a woman fall in love with him in ten days to be considered for a deal at his job. Of course, they choose each other for their tasks, and cute chaos ensues. The movie is well done with Andie and Ben being likable characters and a well-thought-out plot. It’s sarcastic and realistic; making it one of the favorites of the rom-com obsessed. 


10 Things I Hate About You

My personal favorite, this 1999 flick is the epitome of high school love. It follows two sisters, Bianca and Kat, as they navigate the high school dating pool. With Bianca being eager as always to date and Kat steering as far from it as possible, the plot makes for a fun and dynamic movie. Also, the soundtrack is amazing and the love interests are wonderfully cast. Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt helped the movie become the fan-favorite it is today. This is perfect for any lovesick teen who needs something to watch this V-day.


That’s a wrap on Cupid’s faves this year. Whether you have plans or not, these movies will definitely cure any teen yearning for a warm heart this holiday. Happy Valentine’s Day, Dubs!