The Heart and Soul of the Dubs: Maximus The Mascot


Riley Martin

Leading the Way: Jeramey gets the crowd hype in a tense battle versus Wheeler.

With the recent success of North Atlanta’s athletic program, the fields and courts have been packed to the brim by students and spectators. The energy at sporting events has been electric, and one man has been at the center of it all, Maximus, the North Atlanta mascot. 

Maximus is worn by student Jeramey Redmond, whose larger-than-life personality fills the role perfectly. Redmond, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, is a beloved figure at school, shaking countless hands and cracking jokes every day. On the sideline, Redmond–or Maximus–does it all. Whether he is doing push-ups or breakdancing, his support and dedication to the Dubs are undeniable. “He brings great energy to all the games,” said Cheer coach Jennifer Page. “Sometimes, we even have to calm him down.”

Redmond’s energy is contagious. Students see him dancing and it elevates the student section to another level. Despite his talkative personality, when the helmet is one, Maximus means business. Whether he is wearing the cartoonish football uniform and spartan helmet or his normal Atlanta Falcon attire and Jordans, he embodies the Warrior spirit. “Jeramey is a difference maker. He motivates the crowd and the players all the time,” says Dubs football player Jackson Little. 

When he is not dawning the costume–and acting as his alter ego, Maximus–Redmond is making the most of his time with the Dubs. He roams the halls as if he runs the school, visiting teachers on every floor and delivering food and drinks as a proud worker of the Warrior Cafe. “Everybody knows and loves Jeramey, and he loves everyone right back,” said senior Hunter Schultz, Redmond’s friend through the Best Buddies program.

Thanks to people like Sarah Rhodes and Bryce Doe the school’s hardworking special education teachers, and Jennifer Page, the school’s spirit coordinator and cheer coach, Redmond is able to create the positive energy that the Dubs have grown accustomed to and love. His love for his school is unparalleled. Rain or shine, Redmond is out on the sidelines cheering–not for the players or his classmates–but for his friends, whom he views more like family. “North Atlanta does an incredible job fostering a community that is inviting, cognizant, and above all, supportive,” said senior and Best Buddies co-president Virginia Brewer.

Next time the Dubs take the floor, look for Maximus, the mascot, because he is sure to get you off your feet and put a smile on your face. Thank you, Jeramey for all you do, and go Dubs!