Lanier Beckham: The Low-Post Leader


Keeva Linton

All Smiles: Lanier Beckham and teammate Siena Schettino hug it out after a big win.

Being named a captain is an honor few athletes experience. It is earned not by the best athlete but by the best leader. Typically the title goes to a senior, someone that has both experience and poise, but some athletes show leadership far earlier. North Atlanta’s Lanier Beckham showcased promise and leadership capabilities as an underclassman and is now a two-time captain and one of just two seniors on the girls’ basketball team. 

Beckham’s basketball career started in middle school, where she earned her stripes as a Sutton Cougar. After developing her game there, she took her talents to the high school squad, making varsity in her freshman year. She attributes her leadership skills and on-court success to lifelong teammates Caroline Clippinger and Sarah-Anne Hamilton. “We have been on this journey for so long,” said Beckham, “It just feels like we’ve been through so much together.”

Beckham’s philosophy as a leader is grounded in empathy and player development. She adapts her role and style to cater to each player in order to get the most out of them. She cares about her teammates’ development more than her individual counting stats. “She’s the kind of player who is always looking out for her teammates and she’s not just interested in how we do as a team, but – even more so – how everyone’s doing and whether the girls are having fun,” said Head Coach William Credit.  

While Beckham’s numbers may not jump off the page, her value on the court is immeasurable. She leads by example, and as the team’s defensive anchor, she directs teammates, making sure everyone is in the right position to make a play. On the court, she is a fierce competitor, but off-court, she is a great teammate and an even better friend. “After practice, food runs at Jaliscos will always be a core memory of mine,” said Lanier, “It is where we built chemistry that translated to when we were on the court.”

Even with an underwhelming season, at 5-12, Beckham and the Dubs come out each and every night looking to compete. The tough losses to Marist, Riverwood, and Lakeside are an afterthought following big wins like a 61-19 performance over South Cobb and a 51-29 win over Dunwoody. The Dubs look to end the year on a high note, as Beckham’s high school career is winding to an end. For all Dub athletes, there is always a last layup, jump shot, and three-point attempt. For Lanier, saying goodbye to the hardwood will be difficult, but she has done all she can do to give it her best shot.