Bounce Back: NAHS Gymnastic Season Begins


Sara Roman

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things: NAHS gymnasts suit up for their first practice of many

When one thinks of North Atlanta sports, likely, gymnastics is not the first to come to mind. The niche school sport has a small, loyal team composed mainly of ex-gymnasts and cheerleaders. This year’s team consists of eight returning athletes, three new members, and coaches who have been there since the start, Elizabeth Archer and Andre Regan. This season, the girls are as excited as ever to return to the gym and give it their all. 

North Atlanta Gymnastics has faced many trials and tribulations regarding funding, finding practice spaces, and coaching. However, this year, things are on the come up. Last year, gymnasts faced a short season and one practice per week – leaving the athletes with limited time to prepare for the competition season. However, scheduling improvements have been made this year, and practice frequency has increased to twice a week at the Peach Pit with Coach Amber Stone. This gives gymnasts one to two months before competitions start to nail down their skills and run through routines. Gymnasts and coaches can attest the program has made leaps and bounds since its start in 2016. “Regan and I started the program way back when my daughter was at North Atlanta,” said Liz Archer. “I’m so proud of the program, but more importantly, the girls.” 

Coaches and gymnasts have set themselves high standards to achieve a successful season. Gymnasts have set this year’s goals, from tackling new skills to qualifying for regionals. NAHS gymnasts are ready to bring it on and make the 2023 season one for the books, with Coach Amber there to make it happen. “The team has such a great bond and great potential, ” said Stone. “I’m lucky to have the opportunity to coach them.”

The tight-knit team and encouraging coaching staff make North Atlanta gymnastics a great sport to be a part of. Many of the teams’ members quit their highly demanding gymnastics competitive club teams at a young age to cope with their filling schedules. However, the NAHS team has allowed these girls the chance to return to the sport they love without the stress and grueling conditions. “Gymnastics is definitely one of the hardest sports to come back to after a season off,” said Junior Hope Hallet. “But I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

 After overcoming many challenges off the mat, these girls are ready to return to what they do best, gymnastics. Floor, Vault, Beam, Bars – these gymnasts are ready to conquer it all.