Hidden Gem: North Atlanta’s Amazing Competition Cheer Team


A Flipping Fantastic Team: NAHS’s very own competitive cheer team!

With soccer, volleyball, football, and more, the sports teams at North Atlanta seem to never end. Every NAHS sport is important and deserves a spotlight for all the amazing things the athletes and coaches do – one particular team being the North Atlanta competition cheer team. The hard work of this team should not go unnoticed, and their love and dedication to this unique sport make it all the more remarkable. 

Despite its greatness, many are unfamiliar with the competition cheer team, and even those aware may have misconceptions that it is easy. Competition cheer is different from your typical sideline cheer at a sports event (although they are great athletes, too – just different). The constant sequence of tumbling, lifting, and flexibility combined with the pressuring two-minute time limit is enough to put anyone through the wringer. Nevertheless, Kate Henley, a sophomore and two-year Varsity team member, has expressed her love for the team.  “Competition cheer is an incredible sport many people do not notice and appreciate due to stereotypes,” said Henley. “I don’t think people notice how hard it is to perfect our routine.  We need constant practice, which is challenging because we don’t get as many privileges as some other sports.”

Hardships and struggles are inevitable on any team, the competition cheer team included. However, despite the team’s conflicts, their bond always gets them through. With the help of Coach Natalie Miller, the effort and hard work of the team is nothing short of astonishing. “We have had a challenging year due to injuries, but we have pushed through,” said Henley. “Coach Natalie is the best coach I have ever had. She pushes us to improve and is our number one supporter through everything.”

The North Atlanta competition cheer team has trials just like any other, but their dedication and love for what they do is beyond impressive. Support from their coach, teammates, and fellow Dubs motivates the team to continue doing what they do best. So next time the team takes the mat, it’s important that the Dubs are cheerleaders for the cheerleaders.