Food Fiasco: Students Crave Snack Machine Return


Sydney Braxton

We Want Food: Dubs Are Keen on Snack Machines

While walking through the halls of North Atlanta High School, it is almost impossible not to hear complaints and grumbles from students wishing they had a mid-class snack. Even though students are happy to have access to refreshing drinks throughout the school day, a snack to go along with the beverages would undoubtedly help keep students’ energy high during school. Many students have determined that there is only one solution to this food fiasco: bring back the snack machines. 

Sitting in class with a rumbling stomach certainly distracts students from learning and class activities. With lunch sandwiched between hours of learning, students can’t help but count down the minutes until they get to eat. But with the help of a food vending machine, overwhelming hunger could be cured with a simple bag of chips or granola bar. “I love that we have drink vending machines, but it would be even better to have snacks again, too,” said junior Kate Warren. “With a snack between class periods, I feel like I will be able to focus more in class.”  

The longing for snack machines is nothing new, especially since NAHS used to have them. Many students wish NAHS could bring them back and wonder why they left in the first place. From Lays to Skittles to popcorn, the range of snack options was endless. “ I remember that we had them for a while, and it was the best thing ever,” said senior Angela Lopez. “I wish we could have them back again.”

Many NAHS students agree that the return of snack machines would make school that much better. A small pick-me-up from class to class will increase focus, keep student energy high, and, most importantly, end the pesky case of grumbling stomachs in classes and hallways. It’s time for the snack machines to return to where they belong, the hallways of NAHS.