The 2023 GRAMMY Awards: The Dubs Share (Controversial?) Opinions



The long-awaited GRAMMY awards finally arrived… but what do the Dubs think of the winners?

For the past 65 years, The Grammys has been one of the most anticipated nights for musicians and fans everywhere. With over 90 Grammy nomination categories, there are opportunities for artists in many genres to take home the coveted trophy: a golden statuette of a gramophone.

This year, Grammys did just that. The night brought about wins for a variety of artists, including: ‘Cuff It’ by Beyonce for Best R&B song, ‘About Damn Time’ by Lizzo for Record of the Year, ‘All Too Well: The Short Film’ by Taylor Swift for Best Music Video, ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ by Bad Bunny for best Música Urbana Album, ‘Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers’ by Kendrick Lamar for Best Studio Album, ‘Easy on Me’ by Adele for Best Pop Solo, and more. “My favorite part of the night is watching everyone’s reactions,” said senior Hampton Sapp. “Many people are passionate about this night, almost overly so, and it’s fun to see how crazy they get about who wins what.”

One of the more significant shocks of the night was Bonnie Raitt winning Song of the Year for her record ‘Just Like That.’ With big contenders such as Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Steve Lacy, Adele, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, and Harry Styles nominated, it was unexpected for many that Bonnie Raitt, one of the lesser-known artists in the lineup, ended up taking home the win — even for Raitt herself. However, her humble attitude toward winning and her respect for all her competitors won the hearts of many that night, even those who weren’t previously fans. “I had never heard of her song before,” said senior Dani Woods. “But Bonnie Raitt seems very respectful and sweet, so I’m happy for her.”

Leading up to the Grammys, one of the most anticipated awards is always Album of the Year. With talented nominees such as Adele, Beyoncé, and ABBA up for the win this year, it’s no surprise that many fans were passionate about rooting for their favorite to win. At the end of it all, Harry Styles took home the win for his album ‘Harry’s House .’During his acceptance speech, however, upset Beyoncé fans in the crowd yelled at him, claiming that Beyoncé should’ve won instead — which sparked a debate throughout the musical world: did Harry truly deserve his award? “I’m not a big fan of Harry, but I feel like he deserved it,” said senior Emily Creavens. “He’s been on tour for a long time and has worked hard.”

If this year’s Grammys proved anything, you can’t please everyone. For someone to win, others have to lose. But even if your favorite didn’t end up taking home a golden trophy tonight, you should still be respectful of others. After all, there’s always more music to be made and more awards to be given in the future. So with that in mind… until next year, Dubs.