Save the Date Dubs: Atlanta’s Most Anticipated Upcoming Events


Katie Conner

Junior Anabel Schelke is one of the many excited dubs for one of Atlantas most anticipated upcoming country concerts.

Atlanta is a busy city known for always having something to do and some form of excitement nearby. This year, more specifically, these upcoming months, the bustling city is taking it to the next level with some very exciting events right around the corner. Dubs are purchasing their tickets, putting together their outfits, and gearing up for some of the most exciting nights to come. Below is a list of some of the most anticipated events that Dubs are sure to be in attendance at.  

Taylor Swift: Mercedes Benz Stadium, April 28 – April 30 

Taylor Swift is undeniably one of the most famous musical artists in the world, and her announcement of a world tour put fans into a craze. Those lucky enough to get their hands on tickets are holding their breath in anticipation of what they already know will go down as one of the best nights of their life. With her “Eras” concept, Taylor Swift will bring fans back to the beginning, singing some of the most beloved songs from all albums throughout her career. Junior Blair Rubinger is among the many excited, counting the days until this wondrous night. “I still can’t believe I got tickets,” she said. “I can barely contain my excitement to see her.” 

Shaky Knees: Central Park, May 5 – May 7

Shaky Knees is an annual music festival in Atlanta that always reigns in enthusiasm among students and other Atlanta locals. It is the perfect opportunity for music lovers to see several of their favorite artists in one spot, while having a fun experience with friends. “I love music festivals and am excited for Shaky Knees this year,” said junior Maggie Andreski. “I think I’m the most excited for the Lumineers because I hear their concerts are amazing.” 

Zach Bryan: Gas South Arena, May 15 – May 16 

Zach Bryan is one of the most popular artists right now, especially for country lovers. His shows are rapidly selling out as his fan base grows. This has made obtaining tickets nearly impossible, leaving many Dubs empty-handed and disappointed. However, junior Anabel Schelke is one of the few lucky ones who somehow made it out with the golden ticket. “I am so excited and wish it was sooner,” she said. “He has been my favorite artist for such a long time, and this is genuinely a dream come true.” 

While those are only three of some of the most exciting, Atlanta has many more events and concerts to offer this year that Dubs are awaiting. So clear your schedules Dubs,  for music-filled nights of fun are right around the corner!