In the Spotlight: Adam Brooks Honored with Barry Manilow Music Award


The Manilow Music Project

Above and Beyond: Music technology teacher Adam Brooks recieved the Manilow Music Project award at Barry Manilow’s concert on January 19, 2023, celebrating his exceptional achievements in musical education.

North’s music technology director Adam Brooks was recently honored with the Barry Manilow Music Project Award, a $10,000 grant awarded to outstanding music educators. The prize is divided between $5,000 for Brooks and $5,000 in “Manilow bucks” for the NAHS music program. Brooks plans to spend his bucks on a speaker system for the band room and a jazz band keyboard, which will support over 120 music students. The NAHS music program is expansive, including marching, concert, and jazz bands, ensembles, music technology programs, and percussionist students. In recognition of Brooks’ dedication to the exceptional program, 15-time Grammy-nominated singer Manilow arrived in Atlanta on January 19 at State Farm Arena to celebrate his and other music teacher’s achievements throughout Georgia. Brooks was honored for 18 years of above-and-beyond musical education in the presence of his wife, colleagues, and friends.

However, the road to his prestigious achievement was a challenging feat. One of the ten nominated music teachers/band directors within Atlanta Public Schools (APS), Brooks, was selected by an anonymous sponsor who felt he deserved the accolade. Two weeks before January 19, APS, family members, students, and friends cast online votes. “It’s hard to put into words,” said Brooks. “I’m humbled, honored, and am truly grateful that a portion of the funds will positively impact the school.”

Celebrations were plentiful, along with the benefit of recognition the award brings to the NAHS music program. Brooks met Manilow backstage during the concert and was honored on stage with the $10,000 prize. Brooks then attended Manilow’s performance, receiving verbal recognition for his achievement and dedication to musical education. “To be there with my family and to know that the honor we received will benefit our program here at North Atlanta was spectacular,” said Brooks. “The night was unforgettable.”

North Atlanta High School’s musical program is a hub for excellence, supported by outstanding faculty such as Brooks. NAHS’ honored music technology director plans to add to the dynamic nature of the NAHS fine arts program through his accolade. Warrior achievements span students, faculty, and staff, contributing to an exceptional place of teaching and learning.