Lending a Hand: Why the Warriors Love to Volunteer


Marley Jones spends her time volunteering with pups and helping these friendly creatures find their forever homes.

As any North Atlanta student is aware, volunteering is a vital part of the high school experience. Although it may be a graduation requirement, there is more to volunteering than just a number of hours on paper. It provides an opportunity for students to grow as individuals outside of the classroom while making an impact on others in the community. The skills and values that students pick up along the way are invaluable. Warriors love to volunteer, and many do so in ways that are uniquely tied to who they are as a person. 

The most engaging way to volunteer is to find a cause that you are passionate about. Many volunteer opportunities can be easily filled by any willing hand, but what makes a commitment special is when a volunteer has passion and care for the work they are doing. One unique opportunity that many North Atlanta Warriors take part in each year is the Sutton Musical. These high school students each have a passion for theater and from August to November of each school year, dedicate their time and talents to creating a memorable experience for middle schoolers hoping to follow in their footsteps and take their place in the spotlight. This program not only makes an impact on younger students but also teaches the volunteers important skills along the way. “In working with the musical, one thing I’ve learned is the importance of being flexible when it comes to working with various groups of people,” said junior Lizzie Hart. “It’s taught me to relate to all different kinds of people.”

Many students choose a volunteer opportunity based on their own life experiences. Finding an initiative that has a personal meaning and connection to your life creates a deeper connection to the work you put in. One senior with a devotion to her volunteer work is Marley Jones. Jones spends her time volunteering at the Fulton County Animal Service, taking care of homeless dogs and helping them find new families. “I have three rescue dogs at home and grew up with foster dogs,” she said. “I’ve always loved rescuing dogs and wanted to start helping at our local shelter.”

Volunteering does not only involve hands-on work—many opportunities focus on fundraising. In recent years, several Warriors have taken part in a fundraising campaign run by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This campaign is called Student Visionaries of the Year and provides an opportunity for high school students to raise money directly in support of cancer patients. Students take part in this initiative every year because it is a cause that so many people have a connection to. “I decided to join this cause because of my grandfather’s experience with cancer and the knowledge of how cancer impacts families around the world,” said junior Carter Rose. 

As Warriors, we are proud to make a difference in our community and in the lives of those we aim to help. A community relies on teamwork and responsibility to thrive, and we aim to be a part of the good by using our passions to lend a helping hand.