Mia’s Moment: Cornell’s Next Fencing Star


NahsFutures2023 (via instagram)

Future is Bright: Hsu has an incredibly bright future and it starts at Cornell.

En-Garde! North Atlanta’s very own Mia Hsu was one of just nine student-athletes to represent the Dubs and her future school on National Signing Day. She will be attending Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, as a member of the Women’s Fencing team. For Hsu, the achievement is a culmination of early mornings and late nights on the fencing strip and in the classroom. Cornell is a prestigious Ivy League institution, ranking in the top 20 for academics on nearly every major ranking list. Hsu is the perfect role model for student-athletes, balancing school – ranking third in the senior class – and fencing to the highest degree. 

Hsu began her fencing career nine years ago when her father signed her up for a fencing camp at Nellya Fencers Club. She enjoyed it but was still apprehensive about making the commitment. At the time, she still participated in ballet but made the leap to fencing full-time. “I was skeptical about fencing,” said Hsu. “But it has been the best decision I have ever made…I love it.”

Fast forward nine years. Hsu is at the top of her game and a talented fencer at Nellya Fencers Club. She competes at the regional and national levels, having won several regional titles. This fall, she placed top eight in Division 1A, Division 2, and Junior Women’s Saber at regional competitions, but the spring of her junior year was when she really flourished. Hsu finished first in Division 1A, second in Division 2, and top-eight in Junior Women’s Saber. Her jaw-dropping performances are a result of tireless hours reviewing bouts, practicing, and preparing. She practices at least four times a week for over three hours. “I really enjoy my practices. All the warm-ups, footwork drills, and bouts make waking up earlier and staying up late worth it,” said Hsu. 

Fencing, a sport that relies heavily on strategy and mental toughness, is incredibly challenging, but that is what made Hsu fall in love with it. She has made many friends in the small, tight-knit community. “Fencing is an incredibly niche sport, so it’s always exciting to meet the people that love it as much as I do,” said Hsu. 

She can say the hard work and long hours have finally paid off. Hsu, who plans to enter the Pre-Med track as a Human Biology, Health, and Society major at Cornell, is ready to call New York her home, and being able to put pen to paper meant the world to her. Those that know her know she is destined for success, and her friends and family cannot wait to see what she does at the next level.