Warrior Women Unite: NAHS Celebrates Women’s History Month


Taylor So

Better Together: Sophomores Rigsby Gullett, Sofie Golomb, Jacoby Barber and AP World History teacher Caitlin Tripp stand side-by-side next to Tripp’s Women’s History Month door display.

As March begins, the spring season approaches, and a new year continues. And with seasonal changes, Women’s History Month commences. March celebrates the achievements of women in American history through festivals, art, and recognition in education and the workplace. Female trailblazers and women, young and old, worldwide are celebrated for their role in breaking glass ceilings. Warriors honor women’s excellence in and beyond the 11 stories this month and beyond at North Atlanta.

1987 marked the first time women were internationally recognized for their accomplishments, as Congress established Women’s History Month observations nationwide. Each year is associated with a theme; this year’s being “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories” to commemorate women who are or were active in media and storytelling. Social Studies teacher Caitlin Tripp has a unique way of commemorating these figures in her classroom. “I go all out to celebrate Women’s History Month each year,” said Tripp. “I decorate my door, display books about women’s history for students to read, and create a daily board to highlight a ‘Woman of the Day’ to honor the impact of women in history, past and present.”

While Tripp’s classroom is an excellent example of the impact of celebrating women on our NAHS community, she isn’t the only one in North Atlanta who applauds women’s achievements. Many Warriors look up to women, inside and outside the building, who have inspired and made a difference in their lives today. Women have faced discrimination and pressure to comply with societal norms – conditions that impact their way of life and educational experiences. However, Women’s History Month celebrates women’s work to defy ‘rules’ and overcome obstacles to their success. “I admire all the women who were first to break barriers in sports,” said freshman Harley Hull. “I wouldn’t be playing the sport I love if it weren’t for them.”

Although March is dedicated to applauding women in all facets of life, many Warriors feel women’s contributions to society need to be addressed outside of March. Students think that Women’s History Month festivities should join the rank of NAHS celebrations, such as the Hispanic Heritage Month parade and Black History Month assembly. “Women’s History Month is recognized throughout North, but there are not currently activities during March to honor it,” said senior Dylan Walker. “Women’s History Month should receive more recognition in our school, even if it means preparing a brief program or putting decorations in the halls.”

In and out of the 11 stories, women have and continue to make great strides in education, industry, and culture worldwide. Happy Women’s History Month, and thank you to the women worldwide who have dedicated their lives to pushing past boundaries and empowering others to do the same. Women Warriors unite.