Mardi Gras Prom Theme 2023: A Win for Warriors?


Lydia Scott

Mardi Gras Galore: SGA Member Maggie Koontz excitedly reveals the 2023 prom theme to the Dubs during lunch.

To many, Prom is the most memorable event of their high school career. It’s a fun once-in-a-lifetime night to dress up extravagantly with your friends, get dinner at a nice restaurant, and dance the night away. For seniors specifically, it’s recognized as a last hurrah — seeing as it’s their final school event before graduation in May. To create the best Prom possible for the NAHS student body, select faculty and SGA members are working hard in these last few weeks leading up to the big night to ensure that it will be a night to remember, including choosing the venue and the theme. However, this year is notable because it’s the first time the student body themselves has been able to vote on the prom theme since before Covid hit. Four options were: A Night at the Museum, Old Hollywood, Enchanted Gardens, and Mardi Gras. In the end, Mardi Gras was announced as the prom theme. However, this has sparked a debate amongst the student body.

On one side of the debate, students are upset about the Mardi Gras theme and are suspicious that their votes weren’t counted in the decision. Although there’s no way to tell how the votes were counted, most of their qualms relate to the idea that Mardi Gras isn’t inherently a theme but more like a holiday. Prom is on April 22nd, and Mardi Gras is on February 21st, meaning that the Prom would happen two full months after Mardi Gras — which confuses a lot of students on how the theme relates. “Most seniors I’ve talked to aren’t feeling Mardi Gras,” said senior Iris Hull. “It’s weird because Mardi Gras is a holiday, so in a way, it would be like making Christmas the theme.”

However, all commentary isn’t negative. On the other side of the debate, some of the Dubs are pro-Mardi Gras, enjoying the purple-red-and-gold color scheme of the holiday. Others are indifferent, seeing as they don’t base their outfits on it anyways. Although there’s an opportunity for photos at Prom with a backdrop based on the theme, numerous students plan to take prom photos before they even get to the venue. “I had already picked out my dress before the theme was announced, so it doesn’t even matter to me anyways,” said senior Kyleah Hadley. “I’m sure it will be a fun night regardless of the theme.”

We can’t turn back time, and we can’t change the prom theme. Whether pro or anti-Mardi Gras, we must make the most of the night nevertheless. Ultimately, the connections and memories you make that night are special — not the theme. So on April 22nd, make sure you show up and show out, Dubs. It’ll be a night to remember.