Theater Department Stuns With “Legally Blonde” The Musical



Lights, Camera, Action: Senior Juliet Joyce stars as lead “Elle Woods” in a very pink rendition of “Legally Blonde: The Musical.”

The North Atlanta Theatre Department has done it again. On March 10th, the final production of “Legally Blonde: The Musical” debuted to North Atlanta students, staff, friends, and family. Expectations for a popular broadway musical were shattered on the opening night with standing ovations and heaps of flowers awarded to participating students and staff. Cast and crew members alike, including IB film and theatre teacher Liane Lemaster, poured their hearts into hours of rehearsal to turn this production into one of the best North Atlanta has yet to perform.

Production started months ahead of opening day, with auditions kicking off in mid-November. The first two weeks consisted of music rehearsals to help new Dub actors get used to the feel of a fast-paced production schedule. As practice continued, rehearsal times increased, lasting Monday through Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. In addition, students had to sacrifice multiple Saturdays to perfect their skills as a group. While performers practiced scenes and songs, cast members perfected lighting and sound cues, among other behind-the-scenes preparation. Junior Aidan Smith thoroughly enjoyed this year’s show. “I worked on Chicago last year, and working on the cast of Legally Blonde might have been even more fun,” said Smith. “Coordinating it was hard, but I plan to return next year, maybe even as a performer!”

Coming off of such an electric show last year, Liane Lemaster knew she had to outdo herself this season. She began working at North Atlanta during the 2019-2020 school year, the same year her current seniors started their freshman year. She, therefore, has a special connection with the graduating class, making the seniors’ final show a high-stakes and exciting opportunity. “Legally Blonde” was a popular choice among students this year, and Lemaster planned to coordinate details of the onscreen and broadway performance to NAHS’ version. Juliet Joyce, who had the pleasure of playing Woods, perfectly embodied the character throughout all three shows, showing her love of pink and blonde hair in the leading role. “I knew just artistically I wanted to move into a lighter, feel-good performance this year,” said Lemaster. “I want to thank our student body, faculty, and administration for allowing us such an amazing experience.”

Although the production is over and seniors are wrapping up their final year at North Atlanta, our theatre seniors went out with an excellent final performance. Next year, it’s up to the juniors to step up and pursue the great work established by our 2023 seniors. See you next spring, Dubs.