Outer Banks Season 3: Striking Gold or Getting Old?


Paradise on Earth: The Pogues strike gold, but did OBX season 3?

On April 15, 2020, Netflix Original Outer Banks blew up, immediately becoming a quarantine comfort show. Three years later, it remains a Netflix favorite. The show features a thrilling ride with the Pogues–through treasure hunts, conflicts with the Kooks, and gushy romances. Perhaps one of Netflix’s most binge-worthy and highly acclaimed shows, Netflix finally gave fans their wishes and released season three on February 23, 2023. But did it meet fans’ high expectations? Not exactly. 

Following season two’s cliffhanger finale, watchers were ready to find out how the Pogues would conquer their next adventure. Season three kicks off with the Pogues stranded on a Caribbean island that they have coined ‘Poguelandia.’ They are subsequently rescued and dive right back into action. John B and Big John are reunited, the pogues try -and fail- to recover the cross of Santo Domingo, and are caught up in an even bigger quest, unlocking the Golden City of El Dorado. It’s a surprise these teens are still at it after multiple arsons, break-ins, kidnappings, cop chases, and encounters at gunpoint. “There is never a dull moment in Outer Banks,” said freshman Cabell Townsend. “That’s what makes it so interesting to watch.” 

The new season left many disappointed with the show’s turn to the treasure-hunting cliche El Dorado rather than sticking to its fictional explorations with Denmark Tanny and the Royal Merchant. Possibly the most unfortunate addition to OBX, however, was the resurrection of John B’s father, Big John, who’s both high maintenance and a horrible father figure. In fact, all these teens seem to lack affectionate relationships with their parents. Additionally, season three circles around several frustrating, yet predictable, romances which are dragged on throughout the show. And, of course, the Pouges come out as the ultimate victors. “The plot was all over the place,” said junior Lela Johnson. “I certainly did not enjoy it as much as past seasons.” 

Despite the show’s teen-targeted audience, OBX is widely enjoyed. The show has an undeniable charm about it which is why even after season three’s flop, it remains a fan favorite. The producers of Outer Banks certainly did not strike gold with this season, but perhaps will redeem themselves with season four, which was recently announced for renewal just days before season three premiered. Peace out, Pogues. Until next time…