Summer State of Mind: Seniors’ Plans for Their Final Break Before College


The final ride: Seniors make plans for their last summer before the next chapter.

The final bell is ringing, the papers are flying, and the Dubs are out the door! It’s safe to say that after a long year of having only homework and exams on their minds, the images of palm trees and sweet tea are too much for anyone to pass up. For the seniors, however, this excitement is much more notable, as the last four years have been nothing but eating, sleeping, and dreaming of schoolwork for our oldest class. This break is no ordinary one — the oldest Warriors will be going all out for their last summer. It’s like a scene from “High School Musical 2” as they make their biggest and most important plans before they branch off for college.

It’s never too early to prepare for the next chapter, and with four more years of school on the horizon, the seniors need to be accustomed to new environments. Some are staying close to home, but others are no strangers to long distances and will be getting acclimated to their exciting, teenager-filled college towns. Senior Ryan Perry is no exception to this, as she will be spending her next four years at Ole Miss. “I’ll be in Mississippi this summer for orientation so that I can meet some new friends,” she said. “I can’t wait to be on my own and start my college experience off right.”

While some of the graduates will be leaving as soon as possible, some are spending time at home. Those with younger siblings will be cherishing their last moments, and some are being put to work in their own neighborhoods. Senior Isabel Pileggi will take on this role, as she spends time with her brother and sister while also taking care of other kids in Atlanta. “I’m trying to spend more time with my little siblings amongst all of the senior year craziness, and I’m really looking forward to my nannying job this summer,” she said. “I’m excited to get to know the kids and influence them to become better people.”

The last summer for seniors is an important time to have fun in the sun, but a work/play balance can be important too. Senior Preston Dewberry knows this well; his busy summer is filled with both fun trips and some time spent at home to work. “Before college, I want to make sure I get in some extra hours so that I’m not bored all summer,” he said. “It definitely helps that I like my job and it’s really fun.”

With dreams of no more high school and the start of a new chapter, it’s safe to say that the graduating class is nothing but ready for what summer — and the chapters afterward — will hold. Happy almost summer, Dubs, and congratulations to the class of 2023!