Reflections on First Days at NAHS: Seniors Take a Walk Down Memory Lane


Times They Are A Changin’: Senior Danielle Wood has learned a lot during her four years at NAHS.

The Class of 2023 first set their sights on North Atlanta almost four years ago and are now preparing to graduate after a whirlwind high school experience. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit three-quarters of the way through their first year, this year’s graduating class had a semester full of learning about NAHS and themselves. From silly elevator mistakes to gaining confidence, these Dubs will never forget their freshman year.

Like many freshmen back then, 2023 senior Danielle Wood was overwhelmed on her first day. Initially, she had trouble navigating the school elevators. While she knew that one could take the elevator if traveling more than three floors, Wood made the mistake of thinking she entered the school on the first floor instead of the third. This caused some unpleasant stares when the elevator doors opened on the fourth floor, and she had to push past annoyed upperclassmen. Now, Wood can laugh at that story and explains that she quickly realized that NAHS was not as scary as she initially imagined. Though she had an unconventional freshman year due to COVID-19, Wood has enjoyed her time at North Atlanta and is sad to leave. “One thing I would tell my freshman self is that it is okay – you will get through this,” she said. “There is going to be a huge break because of the pandemic, but don’t give up!”

Despite starting high school in an entirely new building, many Dubs have been going to school with the same students for years. Senior Luke Moffett explained that he wasn’t too nervous about the transition to high school because he knew most of his classmates from Sutton Middle School. His entry into high school was not without its challenge, however. In the summer before becoming a Dub, Moffett had a mishap on an electric scooter, falling off one and breaking his nose. For him, that meant showing up to school on the first day with his nose taped up. Even though he was self-conscious, he walked around the 11 stories with scars on his face for two weeks. Despite this temporary embarrassment, Moffett says freshman year was undoubtedly his favorite. His first impression of NAHS was great, and he loved how fun his classes were. Moffett recommends finding a good balance between having fun and staying involved in school. “I was only on the wrestling team, but I wished I had done more extracurriculars because they help a lot when applying to colleges,” he said.

In just a few months, this year’s seniors will toss their caps high in the air and leave their high school worries behind as they embark on the next phase of their lives. Until then, there are still lots of high school memories to make – from decision day to graduation and everything in between. Good luck, Dubs!