Inside the CCC: College Advisors Jennifer Anderson and Chantal Coleman Work to Support NAHS Students


Lydia Scott

Hard at Work: College Advisor Chantal Coleman provides a helping hand for senior Dubs to work towards their career successes.

If you’re an upperclassman, you’ve most likely heard of the infamous College Career Center (CCC) — and if you’re a senior, you’re guaranteed to have visited the cozy corner of NAHS at least once. Widely known as a safe space for stressed students, the CCC is home to the advisors who work tirelessly to help the Dubs succeed: Jennifer Anderson and Chantal Coleman. The CCC has an open-door policy, meaning that whenever you need help, the advisors are there for you — a freedom that is unbelievably helpful to students when the pressures of college are cracking down.

Anderson and Coleman found their way to NAHS through the University of Georgia’s College Advisor Corps program. In partnership with Americorps, the College Advisor Corps work toward making higher education more available to students to drive an equitable society. North Atlanta alumn Anderson attended school in New York to achieve her Master’s in social work. During the infamous COVID-19 pandemic, she returned home to Atlanta — and applied to the College Advisor Corps. “It was the perfect opportunity for me,” said Anderson. “The program aligned perfectly with what I wanted to do with my Master’s degree.”

The CCCs open-door policy allows students to walk in or schedule appointments throughout the school day to work on college applications, fill out scholarships, ask the advisors questions, or complete general college and career planning. Occasionally, the center hosts events, such as college representative visits, workshops, or even relaxing arts-and-crafts days to help students get a much-needed break. Ultimately, their goal is to create a safe, comfortable environment for students to decompress and work towards post-high school goals. “I love going to the college and career center to get ahead on my college to-do list,” said senior Janiya Sherman. “the advisors are extremely resourceful and helped me get into my dream college.”

Unfortunately, Anderson and Coleman will graduate NAHS with the class of 2023, as the College Advisor Corps places them at each high school for two years. Although Coleman is saying goodbye to NAHS traditional College Advising come May 26th, Anderson has been hired by the North Atlanta Foundation to roll out new software to help students with college admissions. Beyond this, she hopes to continue supporting North Atlanta Advising and students in finding their next steps. “I love working here,” said Anderson. “I’m passionate about what Ms. Coleman and I do for students and their futures, and I would love to continue working on a similar objective going forward.”
If you’re a freshman, senior, or somewhere in between, stop by the CCC before the year ends. They have a near-endless supply of resources that will no doubt be helpful to you during your high school career and future endeavors. Always remember: Ms. Anderson and Ms. Coleman are here to help make your goals a reality.