Warriors with Wanderlust: Dubs Take on Diverse Summer Adventures


Maddox Wade

What better way to gear up for the summer than to reflect on some of the brillant views dubs experienced last summer! Junior Jill Yoder (left) reached new summits in Yosemite National Park while Junior Knox Wade (right) trotted through lupin fields in Iceland.

As the school year ends, Dubs are beginning to rid themselves of the woes of assignments and final exams to prepare for the summer ahead. Summer is a time full of opportunity, and North Atlanta students plan to take full advantage of all it has in store. From family vacations to educational endeavors, the Dubs are doing it all.

Sophomore Evan Dickson is one of many students using their off time to pursue their passions. After a several-month-long interview process, Dickson was offered a spot in the Governors Honors Program (GHP) for engineering. He’ll spend four weeks on the Georgia Southern Campus this summer, learning about his subject from renowned instructors. While back in Atlanta, Dickson will be interning on an engineering project at Georgia Tech. “There are not many engineering opportunities out there for high school students,” said Dickson, “I’ve therefore taken this summer as an opportunity to pursue my plans after high school.”

While some Dubs seek education, Harrison Vassar is among those that chase adventure. This summer, he will embark on a 17-day trip to Kenya and Zanzibar accompanied by a cohort of high school students from Atlanta and beyond. He’ll do everything from scuba to safaris, leaving no stone unturned or sight unseen. This trip also has a service component, as students will spend part of their time working on conservation projects on game reserves and volunteering in community outreach programs. “I’m excited to get the opportunity to experience a place most people wouldn’t get the opportunity to travel to,” said Vassar. “This trip will allow me to indulge my love of adventures, the outdoors, and experiencing new cultures.”

Back in the States, Junior Trista Rohrer is venturing to camp and will spend her summer at Camp Merri-Mac training to be a counselor. Having spent her summers on Merri-Mac grounds in North Carolina as a camper for the past seven years, Rohrer is excited to have the opportunity to recreate her wonderful experience for incoming campers. Her counselor training will begin with a seven-day hike through Pisgah National Park back to camp, where they will be assigned their cabins for the next three weeks. The CITs will help to guide campers in activities and tribal games and complete chores such as laundry. After training, she’ll move into a cabin with campers for three weeks as a junior counselor. “This is something I’ve looked forward to for years, Rohrer said. “I’m so thankful to have the chance to give back to camp while having fun with my friends and campers.”

With summer approaching full steam ahead, one thing is for sure- no matter what corner of the world the wind takes us – the Dubs will make the most of every moment. This summer holds opportunities to learn, grow, and make memories that we’ll forever cherish. Although we can’t be sure exactly what the break we’ll bring, we can be confident the Dubs will carpe diem.