Seniors Make Out-of-State Moves for College and Career


Cate Shaughnessy

Off to New Places: Senior Warriors head off in numbers to states across the country to pursue higher education and career opportunities.

The state of Georgia houses nationally ranked undergraduate universities within hours (or minutes) from the city of Atlanta. Various benefits draw students to in-state universities, including full-tuition Hope and Zell Miller Scholarship awards, proximity to home, and a record number of in-state acceptances. However, the rigor of North Atlanta’s International Baccalaureate and Dual Enrollment programs allow Dubs to apply to and enroll at colleges across the country and the world, with out-of-state acceptances exceeding state averages.

Dubs are no strangers to different people and experiences. North Atlanta has a diverse student body and, with it, extensive extracurricular and career preparatory opportunities. Attending out-of-state college is, therefore, an extension of NAHS culture. Senior Neema Kitonga is planning on attending Brandeis University in the Boston area. The school offers her numerous opportunities to meet people with the same interests and explore a home away from home. “I love Boston, so being able to go to a school in the area is a dream,” Kitonga said. “Brandeis also has an excellent program for my major, so it’s a win-win.”

For others, like senior Luke Moffett, college is a fresh start. Moffett is attending Arizona State University this fall in the business innovation program – with Arizona’s computer science programs as one of the largest and highest ranked on the West Coast, promising an exceptional education and career preparation opportunity. Most of his life is based on the East Coast, so flying cross country for college will be a significant adjustment. “The programs available and location played a big role in my decision on Arizona,” Moffett said. “I know it will take effort to visit my family back home, but I look forward to this experience.”

By May 1st, seniors must be committed to one college, regardless of waitlist options. Senior Aidan Schettino has several solid options, both in and out of state. For him, it all comes down to the academics. He wants to stay close to home but not experience “thirteenth grade” by being surrounded by North Atlanta alumni. Currently, he’s primarily considering the University of South Carolina and the University of Florida. “My parents have always instilled the importance of education in me,” said Schettino. “Going somewhere with a superior international business school is a major factor in my decision.”

Whether Dubs land in Georgia or are out-of-state bound, all North Atlanta graduates are destined for success. For now, most are soaking up the final weeks of their high school years before graduation in May. Good luck, Class of 2023, on your travels near and far.