The End is Near: What are NAHS Seniors’ Goals After High School?


Now that the time for seniors within high school is coming to an end, they all have the opportunity to decide their own future actions. With all of the possibilities, what will they decide to do? What do they want?

It will only be a little under a month until graduation day comes and seniors leave their time in high school in the past. Up until this point, the main obligation and title taken by many of the students of NAHS was that of a high school student. However, now their future isn’t exactly being lined up for them the same way it was before. They have more freedom over where they go with their lives at this point. All of a sudden, students who had been collected under the same roof for years will now branch out and become very different people and not only each other, but their previous selves. Whether they go into postsecondary education, the work force, the military, or anything they choose to do, the possibilities are endless. That said, with all of the options available to them, what will they decide on? What direction do they want to go with their lives? What are their goals for themselves in the years to come within their future? How will they pursue those ambitions?

Many students have big plans for themselves after high school. They see a bright future ahead of them, and they intend on bringing their ambitions to light. Although the vision they have in store may not be guaranteed, they’re willing to go through trial and error to make it. “I want to work for myself at some point. Start my own business, and make my own schedule. I don’t know what specifically, yet. So everything I do now is just to get to that starting point,” said senior Luke Moffett.

There are also a number of students who have certain careers in mind. They plan on taking the steps necessary to lead them down the right path when it comes to pursuing the field they want to go into, with a clear future in mind. “I want to become a vet once I’m outta here. I love animals. So, I’m gonna go to college and do what I need to do so that I can work with them,” said senior Melanie Flores. 

While there are a large number of students who know what they want to do with their lives. There are also many that think it’s too soon to make the call. Although they have an immediate plan, they don’t know what their long term goals are. “I mean I am going to college, but I don’t know if there’s anything I really want to do yet. I’m just kinda doing what I gotta do for now,” said senior Owen Moriarty.

The possibilities are truly endless for the Class of 2023. Despite the varying plans that students may have, they will continue to work to create a future for themselves that they are happy with. Whether their goals lie within a moment’s grasp, a little patience, or a long wait. This is the opportunity to branch out and decide for themselves what they want, which will not go to waste.