The Sun Is Waning In: Class of ‘23 Reflects on Top Traditions of Senior Year


Seniors on spring break gear up to watch the last days of their years at North Atlanta fade away.

Graduation is a tale as old as time, and as cruel as it can be, walking the stage is not just a linear progression from left to right, it is the beginning of a new path, the start of these young futures. At the origin of this year, the traditions of the final year of high school were noted as something to look forward to. Now, as we quickly approach the homestretch, seniors have the opportunity to reflect on the year past and look forward to the final sunset of their years of grade school. 

The first tradition of the year, as time tells, is senior sunrise, which is celebrated by the entranced and excited dubs as they embark on the journey of their last year in the eleven stories. The sunrise is themed and commemorated by decorated cars streamlining the parking deck, and later claiming the best and most accessible spots for the year. North Atlanta senior Lizzie Havey and future Tennesee Volunteer reflects on her year, “Looking back I wish I was less eager, this year completely flew by and I wish I had savored it more.”

Next, powder puff struck the stage as a tradition as old as time, with seniors sweeping the stage as their final games finished, furthermore reclaiming their title as victors of the field. Though the victory was striking, it was only a fair distraction from the true season, one of anxious unknowns, and harsh deadlines: that of college applications. Looking back, students can reflect on the experiences that allowed them to grow together, just before they learn to grow alone. One of these special sensors in particular is Matan Berg, who is soon to embark on his journey at the University of Michigan in the fall, “As I look back with fondness I am bittersweet in anticipation of moving on from my friends and our excellent learning community, but I am incredibly excited for what the future holds,” He said.

In true North Atlanta fashion, work occupies the majority of student’s psyche, that is, until the notorious senioritis kicks in, and the graduating class is far too distracted by the “nahsfutures” page on social media to notice their feed of newly crafted assignments. Spring break allows students to fair a week of foreign fun, followed by the last of their IB and AP exams before they walk the stage and bid farewell to the dubs. Future student of CU Boulder, and current North Atlanta senior Marley Jones is able to reflect on her experiences this year, “My favorite part of this year was senior spring break! It was really fun to see the grade in a different country!” she said, “Moving across the country definitely sounds intimidating but I know I will fit in at Colorado, I am excited to go to a place where I will fit in best!”

The one thing that senior dubs have left to look forward to is the sunset on their senior year. A tradition that began as a far away thought is now just a month away, and the class will soon watch the sun wane on their time here in the city. With that, the rest of us will bid a sad farewell to our seniors, and one piece of advice for their new lives at college: have fun! (It’s tradition)