Salutatorian Send-Off: Ben Song’s Journey Through North Atlanta



Hard Work Pays Off: Principal Douglas, Song, and Mr. Genwright celebrate the academic year.

It is not often that a single person’s presence can change the atmosphere of an entire room, but North Atlanta’s 2022-23 salutatorian Ben Song certainly has that effect. From the moment Song steps into the building each morning, his contagious personality and upbeat energy can be felt from across the hall. Not only does his attitude positively influence those around him, but his commitment to both his studies and his social relationships raises the bar and expectations of his peers.  

Song hails from a family of scholars. Emily Song, Ben’s older sister, and North Atlanta class of 2020’s valedictorian, is a rising senior at Harvard University, following in the footsteps of her father. Ben is no different in his studies, as he has competed for his near-perfect class rank since entering North Atlanta as a freshman. “Ben has been a pleasure to teach,” said IB English teacher Erica Hiers. “He is always insightful and brings so much to my class.” 

While his academic resume is impressive, his involvement outside the classroom is what sets Song apart. Ben is the president of the Groceries of Wheels Club, a registered non-profit organization that serves the homeless throughout the Atlanta area. Started by his sister during her time at North Atlanta, Ben was passed the torch as an underclassman and has turned the club into one of the largest, most influential in the entire school. 

When Song is not in the classroom or serving his community, he can almost always be found in the gym. The varsity cross-country runner turned bodybuilder is preparing for his first bodybuilding show this summer and recently completed a 500 lb deadlift at just 155 lb body weight. His physical transformation is one that has inspired others on social media and is a testament to his hard work and dedication. “Ben is special,” said professional powerlifter Eugene Ford. “Seeing him put in the work elevates the performance of the people around him.” 

Despite Song’s laundry list of accomplishments and successes, he is known more for his contagious personality and hard-working spirit than anything else. Ben will be traveling across the country to attend the University of Southern California in his pursuit of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. Congrats Ben, North Atlanta cannot wait to see what you will accomplish.