Becoming Bulldogs: North Atlanta’s 2023 UGA Acceptances


Aydan Morales

Some of the Athens-bound Dubs! – Top Row: Chance McPherson, Sumner Kirsch, Ben Wislar, Duskin Balch, Trey Gregson, Isabel Pileggi, Zoe Van Nostran, Tanner Adams, Will Moriarty, Juliet Joyce – Bottom Row: Brett McPherson, Elizabeth Ackerman, Caroline Edwards, Emma Gleason, Caroline Feagin

On May 26th, at Georgia Tech’s McCamish Pavilion, seniors will gather in their caps and gowns to retire from their high school careers. The emotional ceremony will progress as each name is announced, many of wom will spend their next four years at the beloved University of Georgia. One by one, Dubs are sent off into the world, transitioning from Dubs to Dawgs and going from Atlanta to Athens. 

Few schools are as highly competitive and desired for Georgia students as the state’s flagship institution, UGA. A mixture of affordability, reputability, and outstanding student life entices tens of thousands of students each year. This year, over 43,000 students applied to the University– less than half were admitted. And where the pressure to make it to Athens is concerned, the feeling has been prevalent here among the 11 stories. “College has become so competitive,” said future Dawg Isabel Pileggi. “I was really worried before I got accepted.”

On March 17th, the University of Georgia sent a final round of emails to announce its 2023 regular admission acceptances. Once again, North Atlanta students showcased their incredible abilities, ultimately receiving an impressive total of 89 acceptance letters (including early admissions). The figures speak volumes for North Atlanta’s prestige. With a mix of AP, IB, and honors classes, students truly improved their chances just by attending North Atlanta and excelling in these classes. Senior Will Moriarity was among many who felt relief about getting into his dream school.  “It was such a great moment,” said Moriarty. “All my hard work has finally paid off.”

Within Georgia, UGA and Tech have been referenced as “13th grade” due to the high number of attendees from within the state. However, the sheer size of UGA proves that statement false. Out of the tens of thousands of students, it’s unlikely to encounter a familiar face, but the idea comforts some Dubs as they enter a new and unfamiliar world. “I used to worry that going to UGA would be like high school,” said senior Anna Moss. “But now, seeing the size of the undergraduate population, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Just around 90 minutes from home, an entirely different city offers a plethora of unique opportunities: New friends, new places, and new knowledge. Whether studying law, medicine, journalism, or any other field, an institute as esteemed as UGA is undoubtedly the place to be. 

Graduation is fast approaching, and college is only a step away for our 2023 senior class. Dubs turning Dawgs are proudly trading in their black and silver for black and red as they become college bound. We couldn’t be prouder of our Class of 2023 Dubs! Go Dawgs!