Taking Off To Tech: NAHS Sweeps GT Regular Decision


Aydan Morales

Tech Bound: North Atlanta is sending another large contingent of students to Georgia Tech. Shown here are: Jake Rodman, Will Langley, Kira Spivey, Ella McCabe, Juliette Holzworth, Malachi Johnson, Lindsay Vicens, Delia Neufeld, Sarah Anne Hamilton, and Lucy Marin

It is that time of the year when seniors prepare to say their goodbyes and leave high school behind, welcoming their college years with open arms. Now that regular decisions have come out, all remaining undecided students can excitedly determine where they will spend the next few years of their lives. When assessing the pool of colleges that have accepted our beloved Dubs, one of the most impressive is the Georgia Institute of Technology, an in-state school ranked among the most prestigious colleges in the nation. With a record-breaking 47 acceptances total, the Dubs have shown that their impressive high school efforts have indubitably paid off.

Georgia Tech is renowned for its prestigious programs and low acceptance rate. This year, similar to years previous, the application process was highly competitive, making the large percentage of North Atlanta applicants admitted even more impressive. With an acceptance rate of around 20%, an average GPA standing above a 4.0, and high average SAT and ACT scores, Tech accepts some of the most outstanding students in the nation, making an acceptance challenging to obtain. “I think being in the IB program, and my extracurriculars, in terms of sports and community service, helped me stand out and get in,” senior Ella McCabe said. 

Tech is notoriously known for many of its dignified and well-established programs.  Among its best-known is engineering, ranking in the top 5 for undergraduate engineering programs. Many people are drawn to the school for this reason, being highly interested in engineering majors and careers in the future. Lindsay Vicens, a committed Jacket, was drawn to Georgia Tech for various reasons, but primarily due to her desire to major in Mechanical Engineering. “I think Tech was the best option for me with what I want to do in the future,” said Vicens. “It’s also a major plus that I can stay close to home and already be familiar with where I will live.”

The large number of total acceptances is highly impressive, but nobody expected anything less from the talented individuals of NAHS who rack up impressive stats and resumes every year. Georgia Tech is fortunate to get our impressive Dubs, and everyone is excitedly anticipating what is to come for these students in the next few years. It is certainly not easy to say goodbye, but it helps to know that many North Atlanta alums will be nearby. Go Jackets, and as always, Go Dubs!