Decision Day Dreams: Class of ’23 Celebrates Their Future

Dawgs to be: Chance McPherson, Sumner Kirsh, Ben Wislar, Brett McPherson, Duskin Balch, Elizabeth Ackerman, Trey Gregson, Caroline Edwards, Isabella Pileggi, Zoe Van Nostran, Emma Gleason, Tanner Adams, Caroline Feagin, Will Moriarty, and Juliet Joyce represent the large cohort of Dubs headed to Athens in the fall.

Each year in May, the North Atlanta Community gathers to witness black and silver change into so many other colors. And when you see North Atlanta seniors parading across the stage of the school auditorium in white and gold, red and black, white and blue and black and gold, you’ll know it’s the annual Decision Day, when the soon-to-graduate announce where they’ll be spending the next four years of their lives – or more.  This year’s event, which was held on May 15, was sponsored by the school’s College and Career Center, and showcased Warriors bedecked in college gear from institutions of higher learning. Class of ‘23 will be found near and far, with acceptances spanning from schools like Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia to Pepperdine University in California and Cornell in New York. Although this celebration is not unique to NAHS, we add our own special flare. Parents, siblings, and teachers alike gathered to celebrate the hard work and dedication of their seniors that cumulated in this ceremony. The cheers that followed Seniors across the stage to announce their new futures will follow them near and far as they boldly pursue their passions and work to make a difference. “It has been a really bittersweet day for me,” said Senior Liza Fagin, “I’m sad to say goodbye to North, but I can’t wait to see all that’s waiting for me in college.”

Coordinator of the North Atlanta College & Career Center, Dr. Rodney Mason, and college advisers Jennifer Anderson and Laura O’Neill worked tirelessly to not only organize this event but also to guide students to this moment. There is rarely a dull day in the College and Career Center as Mason, Anderson, and O’Neill constantly work to guide and support Dubs in finding their best fit. It’s important that we take this day as a celebration of not only the hard work of our seniors but also that of those who helped to guide them to this point. “We’re beyond proud of those who leave us, and this event goes so far to let us know just how far they will go,” said Dr. Mason.  

As the class of 2023 packs away their Dub memorabilia and gets ready to dawn that of their new alma maters in the fall, we wish them luck. Although this is a day marked by many goodbyes, North will remain a cornerstone of their childhood and connections. Near, far, wherever they are, these beloved seniors will always be Dubs at heart.