Taylor Takeover: Were the Dubs… Ready For It?


Fox 5

Dubs reminisce on Taylor Swift’s three day visit to the Mercedes Benz Stadium and how she sang and danced her way into our hearts.

It’s been a long time coming, Taylor Swift Enchanted Atlanta with her presence over the weekend of April 28th. The last time Swift made an appearance in Atlanta was during her 2018 Reputation world tour. Five years and seven incredible albums later, Swift returned to the Mercedes Benz for her Eras tour. Many North Atlanta’s dedicated Swifties went through The Great War to secure tickets to this highly sought-after event, so let’s see how it went for them…

The Very First Night: Taylor entered Atlanta with Style, filling the stadium with thousands of excited fans. Swifties crowded downtown Atlanta in their Bejeweled outfits and gathered outside the stadium hours before the concert. This crowd danced the night away to the tune of surprise songs Coney Island from the Evermore album and followed it up with Other Side of The Door from her Debut album. Their unfailing excitement caused them to be dubbed the “bouncy crowd.” “Three hours may seem like a long concert,” said junior Martha Crisp, “but it was not long enough.”

Do you really want to know where the Dubs were April 29th? Swift’s second show was filled with many wonders the Dubs never thought they would see, even in their Wildest Dreams. One highlight was Taylor herself crying during Marjorie – an anthem dedicated to her late grandmother – when fans turned on their flashlights and sang along with all of their hearts. The first surprise song, to no one’s surprise, was High Infidelity, off of Swift’s new album Midnights, as it features the date April 29 in a lyric. The second was Gorgeous, the first Reputation surprise song to be played on tour. “My favorite part of the night was when Taylor messed up the words to Gorgeous and asked the fans for help,” said junior Emery Hailey. “This was an unforgettable night, especially when all of the Swifties experienced some Midnight Rain when we left the stadium.”

On closing night, Superstar Taylor Swift greeted fans one final time as the whole city screamed her name. North Atlanta students were not fast asleep in their city on this school night but wide awake. Swift performed her first “Vault” song on tour on night 3, kicking off her surprise song with I Bet You Think About Me, and following with How You Get The Girl. Fans felt like a crumpled-up piece of paper lying there when Swift left the stage, signaling the end of the long-awaited Eras tour. “Taylor did not disappoint,” said senior Maggie Koontz, “but then again, she never does.”

Taylor Swift blessed the Mercedes Benz Stadium and left it a Holy Ground for all of the Swifties to remember All Too Well. Taylor most certainly has A Place In This World: in all of the Dubs’ hearts. Go Taylor! And Forever & Always, Go Dubs!