Dubs Dealing with Deadlines



Deadline Dilemma: Juniors Mattie Mahaffey, Anabel Schelke, and Maggie Andreski are split on the battle of time

As the school year comes to a close, two major things approach the students of North Atlanta: summer and deadlines. Finals, intense studying, and end-of-year projects tag along with the arrival of the dreaded month of May. Although we know that this month is never ideal, let’s see what this year’s Dubs have to say about the stress of deadlines and the great relief that will soon come with being done with them. 

With graduation quickly approaching, the seniors are entering their last weeks at North Atlanta. With this comes bittersweet feelings of leaving, but also days crammed with back-to-back exams and projects that make them yearn for the stress-free bliss of summer. At this point, it’s safe to say the seniors are ready for the next phase of their life, or at least to be done with the schoolwork part of school. “I am just trying to enjoy the time I have left at North Atlanta,” said senior Olivia Roth. “Obviously I am still doing my work and studying for exams, but May, at least for my grade, is about more than just the deadlines. It is the last time we all have left together.”

School has been especially difficult for upperclassmen student-athletes. These hard-working Dubs have to balance practices and games along with their abundance of assignments, extreme lack of sleep, and social life. Time management has been a key factor in the lives of these students recently. “I have never been this stressed in my life,” said junior Millie McCleod. “Balancing the IB program, a sport, and quite frankly, my entire life, has been so hard recently. I just need more hours in a day at this point.”

During these difficult weeks, it is important for students to take time for themselves and try to reduce stress as much as possible. Whether this be going for a walk, hanging out with friends, or simply taking a nap, every student needs some time to not worry about school. But seriously, don’t forget to do your homework! “My number one tip for the last 2 months of school is to not procrastinate,” said senior Lindsay Vicens. “Doing all of your work on time and studying a little bit every day is the key to success and not stressing yourself out.”

While the rest of the school will be returning to the halls of North Atlanta in August, the seniors will be moving on to bigger and better things in this next chapter of life. Just like any assignment, the Class of 2023’s time at North Atlanta has a due date. So remember seniors, the clock is ticking.