NAHS is Proud to Present Jack Stenger: 2023-24 Teacher of the Year


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North Atlanta is proud to announce its newest teacher of the year: the renowned John Stenger.

Each school year, as the end approaches, North Atlanta chooses one teacher for the illustrious honor of being named teacher of the year. This staff member fully embodies a love of teaching, care for their students, and a commitment to spreading their knowledge with each new class of students. This year’s chosen teacher was none other than Jack Stenger: esteemed journalism teacher, as well as proud head of the Warrior Wire and Invictus publications.

Ever since his own days as a carefree high school student, Stenger has carried with him a strong passion for journalism. Although as an 18-year-old, no teenager can fully understand the true reality of the future they hope to pursue, young John Stenger felt it was simple: he loved writing, and so writing is what he would do. “I emphatically wanted to be a journalist,” said Stenger. “I wanted to see my own stories in newspapers.”

As his passions and skills grew, Stenger went off to college at the University of Georgia majoring in newspaper journalism. Once graduated, he spent years in many different places, from Mexico to Ohio, and all over the country. Throughout this time he worked in the fields of public relations, marketing, advertising, and news writing, gaining plenty of experience along the way. One of his many jobs was as a long-term substitute teacher, a time that brought to light his fondness for teaching. During Stenger’s years of moving about chasing new adventures, he substituted off and on and never let go of the connection he felt to teaching. “I finally told myself, ‘dude, if you’re going to become a teacher, you better go become a teacher,’” said Stenger. “And I’m so glad that I did.”

When Stenger made the decision to settle down and pursue a new passion, his first day as a teacher began as he drove down Northside Parkway, parked his car on the first floor of an impressive parking deck, and then walked through the doors of North Atlanta High School. Since that momentous day ten years ago, he has remained a constant figure in the day-to-day lives of thousands of students who have walked the halls of the eleven stories. Through that time, Stenger has shared his own love of journalism with his students and inspired their own passions as well. He is best known for his colorful and inviting classroom and his engaging teaching style. Stenger also leads both the North Atlanta newspaper and yearbook, as well as faithfully coaches the Warrior boys soccer team. “Mr. Stenger puts his everything into his students and everything that he does at school,” said senior and editor-in-chief of Invictus, Riley Martin. “I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving.”

The entire North Atlanta community congratulates Stenger on this much-deserved achievement. While some teachers are easygoing and others are difficult, Stenger is one of the few that students will look back on fondly years down the road as a figure that bettered their high school years in meaningful ways. With a colorful personality and a friendly face, North Atlanta hopes to see Jack Stenger around for many years to come.