Lululemon Lowdown: The Story Behind Those Little Red Bags


Sara Beth Cimowsky

(Left to Right) Juliet Eden (11), Lark Izenson (10) and Quincy Staley (12) all sport their LuluLemon red bags on a daily basis.

While some students are all about the thrifty shopping, others are willing to spend big bucks on brand name apparel. And where high-end merch is concerned, no brand shines brighter than does Lululemon Athletica. The company’s clothing line is showing up all over, including in the hallways of North Atlanta High School.

Have you seen their red bags? They’re everywhere and slung over the shoulders of sophomores and seniors alike. And whether these bags have inspirational messages, wildlife patterns or hard-to-decipher-but-still inspiring yoga terms, they have become indispensable accessories among some students.

The Vancouver, Canada-based company has hundreds of retail sites across North America and calls itself a “yoga-inspired athletic apparel company.” Metro Atlanta has three stores with the closest one near Lenox Mall.

What drives the brand’s popularity? It could be the complimentary yoga classes that are held weekly at stores. “The classes are great,” said sophomore Sarah Webb. “They add so much positivity to my day.”

Lululemon’s yoga pants are its top selling items and product devotees say they are comfortable and durable. “I love the way they feel and how they fit me,” said sophomore Emma Kate Carter.

As popular as the products are, there’s something else that’s making the brand well known at North Atlanta: the company’s tote bags. These ubiquitous red bags are seen all over our campus and they are used to carry everything from books to lunches.

With every purchase at the store, customers get one of these red bags. And what started off as mere proof of purchase, has become a fashion must have for some students. But what makes them so different from a purse of any other bag? “The inspirational words and quotes on the bags are a constant reminder to stay positive throughout my day,” Webb said.

It’s a company with world-wide retail ambitions. But if its ambition is winning the hearts – and pocketbooks – of North Atlanta students, than it’s clearly “Mission Accomplished” for Lululemon.