Ponce City Market Becomes Instant Go-To City Landmark


Ponce City Market’s location is known to many as an upcoming attraction in Atlanta.

Situated in the heart of Atlanta, Ponce City Market is an oasis for all ATLiens, both young and old. Since the late-1800s, Ponce de Leon Avenue has attracted the attention of people from all over the city. During the 19th Century and early-20th Century, the famed street was home to the Ponce de Leon Springs Park, which was both a warm springs attraction and an amusement park.

In 1925, Sears, Roebuck and Co. built a massive warehouse and retail center in the area, and this retail and commercial endeavor lasted until the 1990s when the building was shuttered. During the 1990s and part of the 2000s, the city of Atlanta purchased the large building and used it for administrative offices. This too was short-lived and after Atlanta abandoned this project, there were questions about what would happen to an empty, underutilized space.

In 2011, this large question was answered. That year the building was bought again and turned into a mixed-use development.

The rustic yet trendy atmosphere of Ponce City Market creates a peaceful environment for visitors. “The way it’s set up is really peaceful. It doesn’t feel super busy, and it seems like a really safe place,” said Keely Fitzsimmons, who runs the popular Atlanta travel Instagram account “@atladies” with fellow freshman Avery Culp. Also adding to the positive energy is the neighboring Atlanta Beltline. A tunnel connects the Beltline to the development, mixing modern art with a rustic building.

With 22 unique restaurants, the Food Hall is crowded but vibrant. Award-winning chefs cook a range of foods that blow any chain out of the water. Each restaurant has fresh, organic food. “There are lots of options of restaurants, and it’s all super local,” said Culp.

The selection of shops helps add to the positive vibe. “There’s a diverse mix of stores, and while some are high end, it’s still pretty local,” said sophomore Lili Hurst.

With stores ranging from Williams-Sonoma to Mountain High Outfitters, you’re bound to find something for you.

Ponce City Market is a great place for everyone, whether it’s for shopping, eating, or just enjoying yourself. With a lot different things to do, it’s practically impossible to get bored.