North Atlanta Students Bound for Georgia Tech and UGA


North Atlanta’s Georgia Tech admits celebrate their large accomplishment of getting into an extremely rigorous university.

The University of Georgia and the Georgia Institute of Technology are two of the state’s most prestigious schools. The fact that North Atlanta High School is sending 27 students to both schools in the coming year speaks toward the academic strength of the Buckhead-based Atlanta Pubic School with more than 1,700 students.

In total, 50 North Atlanta students were admitted to the University of Georgia in the fall and 13 were admitted to Georgia Tech.

Students who will attend Georgia Tech in the fall are Bethany Bell, Quincy Staley, Nandi-Assata Tavares, Max Sowatzka, Bishop Wright, Diana Sweeny and Vajraang Kamat.

Students who will attend the University of Georgia in the fall are Griffin Callaghan, Orlando Carlomusto, Alana Dorsey, Henry Fitzgibbons, Madelyn Grainger, Griffin Hayes, Morgan Gomez, Abigail Walstrum, Skyler Salisbury, Grayson Rooker, Cameron Tyler, Hunter Riggall, Madeline Pearce, Andrew Taylor, Jack Long, Emma Morris, Graham Palmer, Isadore Jackson, Raymond Whitehead and Taylor Ann Hill.

“The Class of 2016 has shown itself to be one of noteworthy academic achievement,” said Principal Curtis Douglass. “As our students take their place among our state’s best and brightest, we wish them nothing but the best. They are always in our hearts. They are always Warriors.”