Recent Crime Means Students Should Keep Their Eyes Open

When most of us think about Chastain Park, we envision a fun and lively place filled with various family activities such as a pool, tennis, and even a playground. But on the night of August 10, it wasn’t the enjoyable place it’s most commonly known for.

At around 10:23 p.m., two sisters – aged 18 and 21 – were running the park and one of them slowed down a little and told her sister to keep going. However, after the younger sister got too far ahead, she stopped to wait. In this moment she was attacked by Silvestre Diaz-Duque, 33, who was hiding in the bushes near some playing fields. Diaz-Duque attempted to overpower the girl. The older sister was able to arrive and fend off the attack on her younger sibling. The perpetrator then punched one sister in the face and tried to grab the other one. A news account on the 11 Alive website quoted a policeman on the scene: “It was physical,” said Atlanta Police Captain Cliff Johnson. “There was punching, hitting, and biting. We have visible bite marks on him.”

Between the two girls, they were able to attack him to the point where both the girls were able to safely escape and call 9-1-1.

When the police showed up, they quickly and efficiently put a perimeter around the park in hopes to stop him. He was able to escape their perimeter but eventually, the police caught up with him while he was running down a local neighborhood road. 11 Alive spoke with the wife of Silvestre Diaz-Duque who claimed she wasn’t sure why he was being arrested and that he was a “good man.” He was charged with 2 counts of battery and is being held at Fulton County Jail on a $2,000 bond.

So, while going on a run might be a great way for you to relieve stress or exercise after school you should always be careful. No matter how safe and friendly your neighborhood might be, you never know who is out there.