Etyana Leigh is Key to the Key Club’s Success


Danielle Milburn

Senior Etyana Leigh.

One of the biggest nonprofit and student led organizations in the world is the Key Club. Its main goal is to encourage leadership through community service, therefore taking care of two very important things at one time. At North Atlanta, the club’s president has important responsibilities which include planning, organizing and leading all community-service activities. It is an enormous role, but senior Etyana Leigh has stepped up to the plate.

With more than 40 participants in the club, Leigh ensures that all community service projects suit the majority’s interest and skills. “I believe that the Key Club is extremely important because the people who are involved are not interested in just completing the service hours to graduate but they genuinely love to give back to their community,” she said. “We turn a potentially boring requirement to a personal, fulfilling experience. Plus, you can find a great group of awesome people who are a part of it.”

The club meets every other Wednesday at 4 p.m. in the Media Center. Out of the many projects the club has completed, one of Leigh’s favorite was when they went to a retirement home and sang Christmas carols to the residents. “It was an extremely fulfilling experience to bring so much joy to a group a people. We all felt so good after leaving,” said Leigh.

The senior’s maturity has been noticed by both her fellow club members and by adults in the building. “She has a genuine love for service,” said media center instructor Felicia Stewart, who also serves as the Key Club’s faculty adviser. “Etyana is an outstanding leader who listens to ideas and makes those ideas a reality. We’re privileged to have her as our president.”

If you want to be a part of an organization that is full of dynamic, interesting, and selfless people, the Key Club might be the organization you’re looking for. Not only does the organization benefit the community, but it also benefits club members who have the opportunity to turn community service hours into exciting and memorable experiences.