Security Lines Are a Waste of Time


Jack Stenger

Sophomore Ariyonna Smith wants a solution for security lines.

Getting to school on time then having to stand in an excessively long line just to get your bag checked can be very annoying. Almost every North Atlanta student has experienced this. This process can become even more obnoxious when the teacher who’s checking your bag takes their precious time to go through every pocket of every bag that you have. What is the point of the actual metal detector? Are they not serving their purpose? I personally think that this process should be redesigned to take up less time of the almost 2,000 students that have to go through it every day.

The teachers have no consideration for our time. It can be 8:44 and the person checking the student’s bag will still move at the slowest pace possible. Then they don’t even really check our bags. They simply look in the bag, shake it around and pass it down the table. And this shouldn’t take the amount of time that it does. “They open up all your pockets, don’t really check the bag, then they don’t even zip up your bag for you,” said (s)ophomore Iyante’ Saunders. It’s quite agreeable among students that these long lines and lengthy process should be fixed.

Fixing this issue may not be easy but I do believe that is very much possible. Administrators should find a way to speed up the process. Since they don’t actually check our bags, we should be able to just walk through the metal detector and if it sounds then they should check the student’s bag. This would be much more convenient and quicker for students and our time.

My fellow students and I would appreciate this improvement gravely. We would be able to wait for the elevators instead of rushing up the exhausting stairs and barely making it to class on time. And maybe we would have time to converse with other students before going to our first period. It’s about that time for security lines to be revised.