Not Enough Time for School Transitions


Jack Stenger

Sophomore Ivan Bracamontes says students need more time between classes.

North Atlanta provides students with about eight minutes of transition time, but that really isn’t enough time. I believe that transition time should be extended to at least 10 minutes. Considering how many students are in this school, getting around the halls is not an easy task. Students often have to go to their lockers or visit another teacher to turn something in and later find themselves running to their next class hoping not to arrive late.

Students, like adults, are busy doing tasks between classes. Perhaps, they need a sip of water or have to go to the bathroom or maybe they have to go to the 11th Floor form the third and the elevator is crowded. I have been in situations where i was not able to make it to class, because of the short transition time in which i had to go to the gym on third floor to recover a book for my class on the seventh floor.

There are about 1,800 students attending North Atlanta High School, so  it’s not a small school in any way meaning that there will be a lot of students transitioning from class to class. Getting to class could be a straightforward process that should not take eight minutes to do, however there are many factors that simply don’t allow students to arrive as fast as they can. These factors include: large amount of students in the halls creating a cluttered mess to get through, completing a task during transitioning, having to finish something from the previous class.

Tardiness is something that North Atlanta does not take lightly therefore there a bit leniency for students during transitioning classes. There are two bells before the next class starts, a warning and the actual bell which signals the start of the class. If you arrive after the second bell you might be asked to get a pass depending on the teacher. This should not be an issue at all despite those students who don’t do anything but stand in the halls just to socialize. There are students need to get stuff done before going to next class and should not be punished for arriving late.