School Spirit Going South


Jack Stenger

Sophomore Sophia Romano makes a plea for more school spirit at North Atlanta.

Let me give you the ideal scenario for school spirit. The scoreboard is tied and the students are silent and in one swift shot he makes the basket, scores the touchdown, makes the run and the crowd goes crazy. They’re all wearing their school colors, some are crying, others jumping up and down, and in that moment everyone is one, everyone is happy and everyone can feel one thing: school spirit. North Atlanta has a lot of things but one thing we lack a little is our school spirit. And sure, those are just the movies, but school spirit unifies everyone, no matter who you are. You all have one common goal, to support your team, and isn’t that like supporting each other?

I can’t help but notice every time I go with my friends to get a burrito at Willy’s, the private school girls and boys come in sporting their school apparel. Unlike (L)ovett and Westminster, North Atlanta students have no way of expressing their pride for their school. There have been multiple attempts get the school spirit momentum rolling. Different spirit clubs start and stop but never stick. The source of this problem could potentially be that we don’t have a stadium. It really does impact the high school experience not having a home court. Having a stadium makes it more personal and gives you the opportunity to show other schools your environment and your community. Our football team works so hard and would probably really enjoy playing close to home. “Having a home stadium and more school spirit would give our team the extra pizzazz we need” (said) sophomore Sam Ferguson who plays for the (W)arriors. I’ve spoken to many students about our current situation, instead of dwelling on it we came up with a plan of action.  More spirit days and keeping students reminded of the game schedules. Also, having students in the student section encouraging others to get up on their feet and cheer for their team. We will also provide some spirit wear for those who come to support but didn’t bring their spirit gear. It will not fix the problem right away, but students, like me, who have heart are willing to try and not just accept our current situation. Next time you find yourself at a Warrior’s game, make sure you have a pep in your step and are ready to roar for the Warriors.