The Most “Wonderful” Time of the Year


Jack Stenger

Sophomore Bethany Creaven had issue with teacher-given work over her winter break.

As the final week of the semester is approaching, so are final exams. At North Atlanta, unlike many other schools, we have two finals a day, for all of the five days of the week, and have to stay at school the whole day. Why is this?      I know for a fact that students absolutely dread this time of the school year because of these stressful exams. Many students are trying to cram in studying in advance or the very last minute. But it especially stressful when we, students, are having to study we have to study for two subjects a day, which can be difficult to understand and obtain all of the information throughout the whole day.

Even though studying for two subjects for the whole week is annoying, so is staying at school for the whole day of finals week. I find it ridiculous that we have to stay at school all day.

Most private schools and some public schools outside of APS get to leave after they take one final which would be around 11 a.m. Staying at school means three-hour classes and then the classes in between are absolutely pointless. Some teachers make us do work before our the upcoming final so it’s not like we can study for our next exam. Or in some classes when the teacher doesn’t assign work, many kids are rambunctious and loud, so it is impossible to even try and study.

Just think of what students can do instead of sitting in a classroom for three hours. Taking one final a day and then leaving would give students and teachers many benefits. For teachers, after we take our one final of the day, they can then grade the tests quicker and in a more timely fashion. For students, instead of sitting in a classroom for three hours and then taking another final, we could go home and study or create a study group and go study all together, in a better environment than a loud noisy uncomfortable classroom for three hours.

Obviously many students, teachers, and staff would benefit from my proposal of how final exam schedules should really be. With these half days, finals week wouldn’t be as stressful or time consuming. Taking one final a day for maybe three hours or less would be relieving for everyone. Come on North Atlanta, revise the final exam schedule!