Toren Stafford Makes His Musical Mark


Sara Beth Cimowsky

Senior Toren Stafford.

You may not know his name, but many have heard him walking down the hall singing “Focus” or humming along to “Little Girl Blue.” At the young age of 18, senior Toren Stafford has accomplished an impressive list of musical achievements. From being a part of All State Chorus to being accepted into the Georgia Honors program for chorus, he has surrounded himself with all things music since he was very young.

All State Chorus was founded in 1938 and has been active in music education in Georgia continuously since that time. The choir is comprised of selected members of singers from across the state and Stafford has been a participant for the past five years. “It’s the highest honor you can achieve as a high school choral singer,” Stafford said.

Due to the fact that it is the best chorus in the state, many audition but only a few are accepted. Participants are given a repertoire of music and come together to practice over two days for one concert in February. “I always love performing because I get to have all my hard work admired and appreciated,’’ he said.

In 2015, Stafford was also nominated and accepted into the highly selective Governor’s Honors Program for choir. While 1,500 students audition, only 32 students are a part of the choir.

Stafford got word about the acceptance on March 2015. “I remember I was in Mr. Regan’s room and I got told that I had been accepted and I screamed,” Stafford said.

Through hard work and determination, Stafford has himself to thank for where he is today. To add on to the long list of his accomplishments, he has also soloed with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and been accepted to both Vanderbilt and Indiana University. He hopes one day to sing opera, get his doctorate in music and teach collegiate chorus. While even one of these things might seem impossible to someone else, based on all Stafford has already accomplished, the odds are in his favor.