Musical Duo at North Atlanta Makes Its Record Signing Dreams a Reality


Jack Stenger

Recording History: Junior Elijah Lewis is one half of “aaronELIjah.”

Everybody aspires to be something in life. Most 5-year-olds dream of being firefighters or police officers but in an era dominated by technology and the accessibility of music many individuals want to be a musician, especially a rapper. The lavish lifestyle, the perks of being famous are all appealing but the chances of it actually happening are actually quite slim. However, two North Atlanta students defied the odds after working countless hours to finally achieve their goal: getting signed to a record label.

Juniors Elijah Lewis and Aaron West, two up-and-coming rappers who attend North Atlanta High School, were recently signed to Ruffhouse Records. Ruffhouse was founded in 1989 by Chris Schwartz and Joe Nicolo as a joint venture with Columbia Records and has worked with the likes of famous artists of the past such as Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean and Kriss Kross.

The initial shock each student felt after they received word that they had been signed was welcomed as they realized all of their hard work and persistence was paying off. However, the way the entire circumstance came to be was a matter of perfect timing. “We went to a Students of Excellence meeting and met Steve and told him we did music,” said Lewis.

Steve Travis is a mentor with the group Students of Excellence who has a connection with Kevon Glickman who is associated with Ruffhouse Records.  “He liked our song and sent it to his friend Kevon and that was where it all began,” said West.

In regards to Lewis, the details of their signing have to be kept somewhat under wraps for legal purposes but some details can be shared. Lewis said the distribution deal and working out the signing took around two weeks. “We were just happy and relieved when we finally signed,” he said.

As for the duo known as “aaronELIjah” they’re looking toward the future.  Lewis was able to hint at some upcoming projects while also keeping the level of secrecy at a high. “We’re planning to release a single before school ends and are participating in a bunch of shows during the summer but we can’t say much more,” said Lewis.

The single on the release is called “Die for You.”

With goals set up and their great work ethics, the future is bright for these two. Maybe they will be the next big thing, or leave a legacy that would be told for years to come, but one thing is for sure: The sky is the limit for “aaronELIjah.”