Sara Beth Cimowsky and Her Many Contributions to North Atlanta


Master Multi-tasker: Sara Beth Cimowsky leaves behind a legacy of accomplishment.

Throughout her four years here at North Atlanta, senior Sara Beth Cimowsky has been all over the board with activities. She was not been a part of the IB program but instead opted to fill her time with AP classes, sports, and many other extracurriculars along the way.

Ever since her freshman year, Cimowsky has excelled at school. Between all of her hard work and the vigorous AP classes she takes, she said she hasn’t felt the need to be a part of the IB program here at North Atlanta. “The only time I really regret not being in IB is when my friends are talking about it, but during times like the week of IB testing, I don’t regret my decision at all,” she said.

With the full plate of activities she’s taken on while at school, she’s proved to be the ultimate master multi-tasker. Between yearbook, school newspaper, AP and varsity sports, she has had to find ways to manage time. “Over time I’ve learned to delegate as many things as I can,” she said. “I used to be really controlling but I have learned the only way for me to get everything I need done is to assign tasks to other people.”

Since her time here at North Atlanta, Cimowsky has been the captain of varsity softball for two years, managing editor of The Warrior Wire, and editor-in-chief of the yearbook. On top of that impressive list she’s also been a consistent student leader in helping with the Special Olympics through the Special Education department. And, beyond that list, she’s also a part of a rec softball league and she’s active in a youth group through her family’s church. Of all the things she’s done, she said her work with the yearbook has been closest to her heart.

For college, Cimowsky will study at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, S.C., where she intends to pursue a path that will lead to a career in education as an elementary teacher.

Saying Cimowsky is excited to graduate is an understatement, but she is sad to leave all her memories here at North Atlanta along with everything she has worked so hard to build here through the yearbook. She has done amazing things for Invictus, like adding 50 pages to boost coverage. This year’s yearbook was also the best-selling yearbook and largest in school history. “Walking away from everything you have worked so hard for is never easy but I’m confident it’s all in good hands and the yearbook will continue to excel,” she said.

Some students leave big shoes to fill. Given Cimowsky’s wide swath of accomplishment at North Atlanta, the shoes she leaves behind for others to fill would be far too large for even the biggest NBA player. “It’s been a great four years,” she said.