Class of 2017: The Numbers Add Up to Success


Jack Stenger

Poised For Greatness: Members of the Class of 2017 at North Atlanta’s Visions of the Future event on March 19.

Numbers can say a lot. In the case of an impressive graduating class – the school’s largest ever graduating class – an array of numbers validates and demonstrates four years of hard work and stellar academic achievement. North Atlanta’s Class of 2017 is going places, and the numbers add up the most academically impressive class the school has ever seen.

  • 400 seniors. (Largest class in school history)
  • $22.5 million in scholarships awarded to 2017 class members
  • More than $15 million in merit-based scholarships
  • 69 students eligible for Georgia Zell Miller Scholarship (full tuition at a public in-state university)
  • 140 students are eligible for Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship.
  • More than half of the senior class (52 percent) were either HOPE or Zell Miller eligible
  • 1 Posse Foundation Scholar (Raquel McDaniel, Texas A&M)
  • Ivy League Acceptances: Princeton, Dartmouth
  • Acceptances in all three military academies (United State Military Academy, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy)
  • 72 admitted to the University of Georgia (63% of those applied)
  • 24 admitted to the Georgia Institute of Technology (41% of those applied)
  • 53 percent of NAHS seniors taking AP or IB course load
  • 47 duel enrolled (high school-college) students

Class of 2017 athletes committed to collegiate sports. Baseball (Naval Academy, University of Cincinnati), Football (Fort Valley State University), Soccer (Dartmouth), Trinity College (Crew), Swimming (University of Tampa) Lacrosse (Berry College) Cross County (University of San Diego, University of South Carolina Beaufort) Soccer (Rutgers)

Figures compiled by Mikala Bush, College and Career Center Adviser.