Senior Adenike Makinde Does It All


Jack Stenger

A Class Leader: Senior Adenike Makinde takes on the yearbook, volleyball captaincy and Key Club presidency — all while tackling the rigors of an IB class schedule.

She’s the editor-in-chief of the school yearbook, president of the Key Club and a captain on the varsity volleyball team: IB senior Adenike Makinde truly does it all. She manages a massive academic workload, sports schedule, and all that comes along with being a busy high schooler. The ordinary student is constantly searching for the secret to her success, however Makinde’s answer is humble and simple. “My strategy for getting my work done effectively is using many checklists and my agenda,” she reported.

With so many responsibilities and leadership roles, free time can be difficult to come by. Although she is anything but the average high schooler when it comes to her academic life, Makinde enjoys the usual teenage indulgences such as catching up on a lack of sleep and binge watching her favorite shows, Green Leaf and Power. However, Makinde also enjoys a slightly less common form of leisure, which involves playing around with graphic design, one of her other passions.

Makinde’s dream school is the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. “Ever since I was thirteen years old I have wanted to go there,” she said.

Makinde’s exemplary involvement in school programs like Key Club and yearbook strengthen her well-rounded lifestyle. “I love yearbook because it combines graphic design, photography, business, and production into a long term project with one final product,” she said.

In addition, being the president of the Key Club is a very important role in encouraging leadership in philanthropic endeavors. A jack-of-all-trades, Makinde’s notable work ethic ensures a bright future.

North Atlanta is a large, public school that plays a massive role in the development and character of all of its students. And there’s no better example of the caliber of excellence the school produces than student leader Adenike Makinde.