New Coach Page Brings New Life to North Atlanta Cheer


Jennifer Page

North Atlanta varsity football cheerleaders pose together before unleashing their power. The squad has benefitted from the coaching leadership of literature teacher Jennifer Page.

Last year, North Atlanta’s varsity football cheerleaders started off the year effectively coachless. The team lost its coach at the beginning of the school year and for much of the season, the unit was “self-coached” with seniors filling in for leadership roles.

But in mid-season the squad got a wake-up whistle with the arrival of new coach Jennifer Page. Since she stepped up last year, the literature teacher has led both football and basketball cheerleading. With her guidance and leadership, North Atlanta cheer team is being propelled to new heights.

There are 24 girls on the varsity football squad and the group’s prominent leaders are juniors Colie Gfroerer and Jaylah Jackson.

Many challenges come along with becoming a new coach. The process of meeting new students and developing trust is a tough undertaking, but so far it’s been handled ably by Page. In fact, she and her cheerleaders have felt much more connected and full of spirit. “Being a cheerleader has always been fun and Coach Page really makes the experience ten times better,” said junior Kenson Marbut.

Page has ignited a competitive fire within the girls to get them excited for the cheer season through summer workouts and cheer camps. She has taken her new job very seriously and has been dedicated to making the cheerleaders the best they can be. “I really like Coach Page,” said sophomore cheerleader Anna Martin. “She has made me care more about the cheering. She is a rock star.”

Last year, when seniors led, practices could be unfocused. This season, under the authority of Page, the cheerleaders have completely restructured their previous practice routines. Page also organizes the pep rally dances with assistants Keesha Anderson and Quevin Rush. “Having an actual coach this cheer season makes our team much more organized, which makes us look very unified during the games,” said junior Colie Gfroerer.

As a new coach, Page has hit the ground running. By establishing principles of hard work and determination, the North Atlanta cheerleaders are ready to “stop, drop and rumble” new life into the Warrior spirit.