North Atlanta Students Scream for Sweet Charlie’s Ice Cream

Sweet Roll: Sweet Charlie’s offers rolled up ice cream and Warriors are flocking to get it.

Sweet Roll: Sweet Charlie’s offers rolled up ice cream and Warriors are flocking to get it.

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Ice Cream is on a roll. Literally.

Rolled ice cream is the latest trend that has arrived to the Atlanta area. People of all ages are enjoying this delicious craze. Sweet Charlie’s Ice Cream Shop is the newest entrant into this sweet category and the company has a retail establishment on Roswell Road in the Buckhead Court strip mall next to Superrica. Those who go there know the mesmerizing drill, specifically watching their ice cream of choice be mixed, rolled, and topped before their very eyes.

Plenty of North Atlanta students have flocked to the ice cream parlor for its sweet tasting product. Devotion can lead to employment and some Warrior aficionados have opted to work there to be on the serving side of the establishment. Sophomore Sam Harrigan started at Sweet Charlie’s in September. “My favorite part is being able to meet people that I would never have the chance to meet before,” he said.

The parlor’s popular flavors have way-out names and enticing offerings like Wonder Filled, Death By Chocolate and Namaste are among its most popular. If rolled ice cream isn’t noteworthy enough, there is also an option to have your ice cream roll put into a donut bun. The decadent offering is called a “Tall Charlie.” “I have never seen anything like it before and I want more of it!” said sophomore Lindsey Reynolds.  

Sweet Charlie’s is smart about marketing and store owners are keeping track of its high-school level customers. A running tally in the store tracks which high schoolers are arriving in the greatest waves. The school with the most stars wins a fundraiser to raise money for the school. This competition doesn’t last for much longer, so North Atlanta students are encouraged to support the school and grab some ice cream at Sweet Charlie’s.

Whether you like your ice cream rolled, topped to the max, or even in a glazed donut, Sweet Charlie’s has it covered. The place’s rising popularity means it’s definitely on a roll — just like the ice cream it serves.

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