12th Man Helps Warrior Football Hit Academic Paydirt


Lenox Johnson

Academic Paydirt: School counselor Marc Genwright leads the school’s 12th Man program for North Atlanta football players. Lenox Johnson

12th Man is one of the most helpful tools for football players here at North Atlanta. 12th Man is a program where every Monday, the players get to study or do homework for 30 minutes before practice. This allows for the athletes to get caught up on anything during the day, and get a good start on the week academically. The program encourages players to get on the right track for the week and it shows them how to prioritize their time for school work.

School counselor Marc Genwright heads up the 12th Man program. He comes to the 12th man on Mondays and speaks to the team members about important academic notices, or specific things occurring within each grade. Genwright helps every student athlete personally if needed and opens up his room to any football player that need academic assistance.

The players believe that 12th Man is one of the best things about North Atlanta’s football program. The program shows that the coaches care about the academics of our players and how they will do after their football life. “This just demonstrates just how the coaches want us to succeed in the future off of the football field,” said sophomore linebacker Sterling Fleury.

12th Man leads the players in the right direction for life and helps them realize how time is valuable. With the amount of work that gets done in the 30 minutes of 12th Man time, the players see time as more useful and productive than ever before. “It’s all really made me realize how much work I can get done in 30 minutes if I stay 100 percent focused”, said Junior defensive lineman Enzo Vasallo.

For the Warriors success on the field is contingent upon a lot of different factors. But thanks to the 12th Man, the team is scoring big in the classroom.