Baseball Is Nothing Without Pitching


Olivia Chewning

Warrior Hurler: Senior Tyler Isreal will be bringing the heat this spring for the Warrior pitching staff.

We all know how central pitching and pitchers are. Many have opined on the topic and no less a baseball personage than Hall of Fame pitcher Ferguson Jenkins said the following: “Mental attitude and concentration are the keys to pitching.”

Pitching is inarguably the sport’s hardest position. In order for the play to start, the pitcher must accurately deliver the pitch in order for anything to even happen in the field. The play starts with the pitcher and all play centers around what he does. The loneliness of the position is something Warrior hurler Tyler Israel can understand.

There are high expectations this year for the senior, one of the more experienced pitchers on staff. He has pitched since his younger years and over the course of his career has honed in on the essence of the craft. Being a pitcher, though, is a very lonely thing to do, and you’re often isolated. You are out there on the mound by yourself, and it is your duty to be able to start the play for anything to happen at all. “Pitching is great and I love it but there is lots of lonely moments as a pitcher where you aren’t pitching great and you’re almost out there on your own little island,” said Israel.

Pitching is as much a mental game as any other aspect. Coming into the game being held responsible for maintaining a lead or keeping your team in it by shutting out the other team, a lot of pressure gets put on you. The team depends on you and all that can run through your mind is either letting the team down or being the guy to help the team win through great pitching, but you have to mask all of your emotions while pitching. “Being mentally strong when you’re a pitcher is the most important tool to have,” Israel said. “I believe because you aren’t going to always throw a strike or get the out that you want.”

Pitching is only meant for certain people to do, due to the stress and the pressure that is put on you. Some people thrive with the pressure, and some people crack under the pressure. Senior Tyler Israel thrives with all of the pressure, and you does it very, very well.