Isabel Archer Hits the Bullseye In School and Extracurriculars

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Isabel Archer Hits the Bullseye In School and Extracurriculars

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The definition of an exemplary student is not only getting good grades, but one who is dedicated and committed in all aspects of their education, whether it’s P.E. or AP world history. Sophomore Isabel Archer exudes her devoted nature, bubbly personality, and top-notch intellect throughout the halls.

Archer is involved in Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, varsity gymnastics, Mock Trial, hiking club, and is a member of Buckhead Gymnastics outside of school. She has been a gymnast since the age of nine. “Gymnastics is challenging and helps me with my time management.” she said, “I get home late and have to manage my homework and studying schedule along with my other responsibilities.”

On top of all of her extracurriculars, Archer remains in the top rankings of the sophomore Class of 2020. “I don’t like to focus on rankings,” she said. “I just try hard on all of my work.”

Although she is highly dedicated to her school work, Archer likes to hang out with her friends during her spare time. “I love going out to eat with my friends and working out during my free time,” she said.

Archer is a highly involved student outside of school as well. She is a volunteer coach at Buckhead Gymnastics, does community service at summer camps, and tries her best to pick up as many service positions as she can along the way.

North Atlanta is filled with countless excellent students all throughout the building, but Isabel Archer is one that stands out from the rest because of her dynamic and awesome well-roundedness.

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