What Do Football Players Do After Football?


Although football players are heavily into football and care a lot about it, there is always stuff after the football season is over. As would be expected of those who are activated by both extracurricular activities and high-adrenaline competition, many football players other sports, specifically wrestling and basketball.

        This winter, wrestling and basketball are a big deal with the football players now that the football season is over. Sterling Fleury, Jeffrey Wood, and Davis Bell are among those who played football and are now wrestlers. All three of them started on the football team, With Fleury and Bell at linebacker, and Wood at fullback. Wood is a  senior, while Fleury and Bell are sophomores. “I had to play both sports my senior year because they are so important to me”, said senior Jeffrey Wood.

        Other football players take the winter season off to get their academics in check, train for a spring sport, or just plain relax after a tiring football season. Among those are the seniors Terrian and Terrell Rainey. They both take the winter time off to work on their academics and get them perfected, and they also take this time to prepare for spring track. They will both do track in the spring, doing the shot put. “Track is a great sport and I love doing the shot put. Track also gets me in shape for the upcoming football season”, said senior Terrian Rainey.

        Football is very important to the players during the summer and the fall, but after the season, there are other priorities for some. North Atlanta football players show great athleticism and will power by being able to play multiple sports, while still keeping their academics where they should be. North Atlanta student athletes are truly something special, and the multi sport athletes from the football team are no exception.