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History Fanatics Excited for New Rho Kappa Chapter

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Don’t let the Greek name scare you: Rho Kappa, a chapter of the National Social Studies Honor Society, is North Atlanta’s latest club offering. Sponsored by AP World History teacher Caitlin Tripp, this elite club aims to offer fun events and volunteer opportunities for history lovers. Even though North Atlanta has had National Honors Society Chapters for years, such as Mu Alpha Theta, there had never been any interest in a Social Studies chapter—until now.

From casual meetings to informative museum outings and field trips, Rho Kappa has something for all types of personalities. The meetings are designed to be more relaxed and will include watching historically-themed movies and playing games, such as “Cards Against Humanity.” Meanwhile, the chapter is also planning activities like peer tutoring and collecting oral histories from people who were part of major world events.

Even though there has only been one meeting, the club is already off to a great start. The chapter already has 24 members as well as a lot of support from underclassmen. In particular, sophomore Annie Weber was the original person that wanted to form a chapter for the school. “I thought that Rho Kappa would be a fun new way for people to get involved in after school activities and be more connected to history,” said Weber.

While the chapter is excited to welcome even more members in the coming years, there are a few requirements. To officially join, you must be an upperclassmen, have taken one semester of classes at North Atlanta, have at least two social studies credits, and be able to maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher. However, even if you don’t meet all of these requirements, you can still attend meetings, just not as a full member.

If you have a passion for social studies, then Rho Kappa is the club for you. Even though it is fairly new, the North Atlanta chapter has already set lofty goals for itself. The chapter would love more members in its inaugural year, so if you want to be a part of history, talk to Mrs. Tripp in room 7179 to join.

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History Fanatics Excited for New Rho Kappa Chapter